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My name is Jessica and welcome to my portfolio! Here, you will find workpieces and writing I have done throughout my college and working career. Some are going to be good. Some are going to be horrendous to look at, but it’s okay!
I believe it is essential to see all the goods and bads of one’s work since WE ALL go through this journey throughout life to self-improve ourselves and find our unique niche.
With that said, get comfy and take a look around. If you have any questions, I am only one email away~


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qualifications and more


I am a firm believer that once you master marketing (especially advertising), you can rule the world without anyone realizing it.

Which is why I decided to major in it in college because, let’s be real. Who doesn’t like a little world domination?  

Check out my resume below to view my progress!


Since I was young, I have always been attracted to being that “it person” who ran everything behind-the-scene that everyone goes to when they have a question. 

(I know that sounds slightly compulsive, but trust me, it is oddly very satisfying and rewarding). 

With that being said, that is perhaps one of the reasons why with every production/wholesale position I take on, I always excel at what I do. 

To find out how, take a look at below resume!

Digital Portfolio

Based on my About Me and my resumes, you’re probably wondering by now “How wonderful (read: bad) is this girl’s portfolio?!”

Well, fret not for I have provided you a FREE link to this magical portal below!
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